Some kind of Game

Takete Strande
The misty shores of a foriegn land

You are some kind of nordman.

Your previous experience in monster hunting includes wolves, ogres and a young white dragon. So when an expedition into the misty seas disappeared and only one to return with tales of demonic wolves, stone guardians and spectral shadows on distant shores, it was natural that your group be among the chosen to return to these ghostly lands.
In your company is the mentally scarred veteran who had returned, three boasting warriors and a talking head. Your trip has taken you two months by longboat to these misty shores, and it is here we will begin our adventure into the unknown.

Character Creation
Level 3 characters
No Arcane Classes
Weapon based classes only
1 magic item of level 3 or lower
100gp to spend on gear. Nothing magically (sunrods included)

Bait's Blog. (Another Chance)

Things look good from the other side of the glass. Breaking faces, fencing off some brand new haul, maybe you want to spread some chems around the neighborhoods. That can only last so long. One day, you screw up and you find you’re working for a rat who needs a fall guy, or you’ll run into one of those bat-shit vigilantes, or some druggie will gut you while he’s tweaking and needs a fix. You want to do something with yourself or you want to die? So far i’ve only met one person who picked option three, coming out the other side of dead, and trust me, you wouldn’t want to meet her. Get off the streets before someone comes back with your life on their conscious. You think I’m kidding? Why don’t you bring up some of the crackdowns and busts the next time you see those lowlifes you hang out with, why don’t you ask them about what went down at Candlestick and see how fast they shut their faces.


Well aren’t we all.

Hope is such a bait, it covers any hook

The Last Times 3/15

Last time on TGoSA: 6/30/12
A large man is punched out a window.
Our heroes(?) narrow escape with some evidence.
Babyface scares everyone.
An ambush by people claiming to be wrestlers on a bunch of guys with sweet hats.
People takes naps.
“What’s in the box.”

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